Why is DMG being hosted at a church and not a retreat place?

This year, we are trying something new. DMG is changing a lot of how it looks. Our program will have more group sessions, more prayer time, and more focus on discipleship. A retreat place has limited space compared to a church. Come and find out what the changes look like.

I plan to fly. Which airport is closest? Will there be transportation from the airport?

Nashville Airport (BNA) is best and closest to fly to. Unfortunately, no transportation will be provided. We encourage you to reach out to other men who may be flying to carpool with them. The best way to find out is asking in our DMG Facebook page.

What will I expect at this year’s DMG that’s different?

A new focus. A new vision. A new program. We felt DMG was becoming a common or standard men’s retreat. It was never our goal to become just “another men’s retreat.” We wanted to shake things up, provide something new, and keep it interesting every year.

How can I find out about a roommate for hotel lodging during DMG?

The best way is to reach out to people who may be going already. You can also ask people on our DMG Facebook group to find out who all is going. There may be people who are looking also for roommates.